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The Alamut castle was built by the Justanid ruler Wahsudan b. Marzuban, a follower of Zaydi Shiaism, around 865 AD. During a hunting trip, he witnessed a soaring. David Axe. Security, And why you should care. Report: Israel Just Used In Combat Its New Rampage Missile. Here Is What It Can Do. Israel reportedly used in. DAMASCUS, Syria (AP) — An Israeli airstrike on a military position in central Syria early Saturday wounded six soldiers and destroyed several buildings. The Temple of Winged Lions, Petra, Jordan. (Bgag / CC BY-SA 3.0 ) Within the ruins of the temple archaeologists found a spectacular eye idol, confirming the temples.

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  1. According to Aztec mythology, Xolotl was a deity normally associated with Quetzalcoatl, one of the most important gods in the Aztec pantheon. As a matter of fact.
  2. An agent of the Order of Assassins (left, in white turban) fatally stabs Nizam al-Mulk, a Seljuk vizier, in 1092, the first of many political murders by the sect
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Report: Israel Just Used In Combat Its New Rampage Missile